Products I Will not Buy

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Hello beauties, welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. I regularly make posts on here telling you about beauty products that I love and think that you should all try. I will post about the great purchases I just made, or even if someone sends me a sample I love it will get mentioned here. But rarely if ever have I mentioned things that I don’t like; those products that worked the opposite of how they were supposed to. Here are some of the products that I walk right past no matter how much on sale they are. Read more

Learn To Relax

14/06/2017 Main

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great week so far. Today I would like to welcome you back to my beauty and personal care blog. I guess everybody knows what I'm talking about. You come home – late. You feel tired, exhausted, totally stressed. At work you even started to bite your nails because of the pressure. But now it's time for you to relax, to get rid off the tension carried around all day long like a burden lying heavily on your shoulders. Take sometime for yourself. Just a few minutes and relax.
Today I tell you how. I will show you some very basic but effective relaxation techniques. If you practice these exercises regularly every day, you will feel much better, stay calm, even under pressure, and improve the overall quality of your entire life. Read more


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. Today I want to talk to about something serious, something that is plaguing our generation and needs to stop, now. I am talking about the man bun, a hairstyle worn by men of the lowest common denominator, the hipster. The hairstyle is achieved by having a ponytail/bundle that is is placed quite high in the back center of the head of a man. This may be a traditional haircut for some Asian cultures, but not from that really interesting guy from Pasadena.  Read more

Treat Yo Self!

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Treat Yo Self! 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. This has been a really stressful week for me, I don’t know about you all but I need a break. I have been working myself to the bone, taking care of the house as well as running a business and I have to say I am exhausted. I think I need a Treat Yo Self day. What is that you ask? Well Treat Yo Self means exactly that. Treat Yo Self to whatever you want; some new clothes, some really unhealthy but scrumptious food or even a night on the town. Maybe you go out and buy that expensive perfume that you keep ‘testing’ every time you are at the store. While I will be treating myself soon, I also try to stay a bit frugal so that I can Treat Yo Self as much as I can, and to do that I try to get as much as I can from my favourite used website, I know it doesn’t fit too much into the treating scene, but it lets me have a much longer Treat Yo Self day than normal. Here are some of the things I want to do for my Treat Yo Self day. Read more

Homemade avocado face mask for every occasion

01/02/2017 Main
Homemade avocado face mask for every occasion

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Beauty trends 2017

13/01/2017 Main

Hey there everyone.  How are we all doing this fine winters day?  One of my favourite things to do in January, at the start of a new year is to reflect back on my previous year and everything it has taught me, as well as looking forward to the upcoming year and looking at the exciting trends that will be gracing our lives. Read more

How to stop biting your nails.

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How to stop biting your nails.

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Research your ancestry

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Research your ancestry 

If researching your family tree is something you would like to pursue then look no further than online. These days there are lots of Genealogy resources available online that you don’t have to pay for. Okay, some of the sites will have upgrade packages to give you access to vast amounts of more information but we have found just using the free or trial version will give you an excellent idea of where your family are from and why you ended up where you are. Read more

Dos and Donts with storing perfume

24/11/2016 Main
Do’s and Don’t with storing perfume

Hi beautiful people. Welcome back to my personal space on the internet full of great bits and pieces and beauty and personal care. I recently went online and bought some beautiful vintage glass perfume bottles to transfer some of my perfumes into.  I found some great bargains online at and I even managed to find some absolute stunning ones complete with an atomizer and the original funnel and pipette to fill them up with.  They can completely transform an area, and look so much nicer on a desk than most modern perfume bottles.  One of the only problems can be memorising which perfume you have placed in which bottle so I like to attach a small coloured circular sticker onto the bottom of the vintage glass perfume bottle as well as the original bottle so that If I need to I can cross reference them.  I then store the glass perfume bottle on my desk, and keep the original perfume container in the bottom drawer of my makeup drawer unit.  This way I can easily top them up whenever I need to, but they’re also safely stored away.   Read more


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Waxing Read more

Hair Removal

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Hair Removal

Hi all, hopefully you’ve previously read our latest beauty blog post about shaving for men, and electric razors and I thought today we would look at the many hair removal techniques there are for women. Read more


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Welcome back to my personal care blog! Yet another post for your enjoyment and information folks! I really am getting good at this even if I do say so myself. Wouldn’t you agree? I am sure you would. But if not, be sure to write in and tell me so. I wouldn’t want to get too big for my boots and upset you lovely readers, without whom, I should add, this blog would be a total failure and waste of time and effort. Thanks for being part of the adventure with me. So, onto to today’s subject. Turmeric. Seriously, turmeric! Because, believe it or not, it has way more beneficial purposes than just adding flavour and colour to your chicken korma. You see, the predominant substance in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has been linked to the reduction of inflammation (believed to be the major cause of all modern chronic illnesses and diseases). It is also possible that it has antioxidant and anticancer properties. Turmeric has been used for centuries on the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia as a remedy to many health conditions. So it certainly sounds like a supplement we should all be taking seriously. It can be purchased in supplement form from most major health supplement providers relatively cheaply. A supplement form of curcumin is also available on the market, but as this is a more isolated compound which requires further refining, it is markedly more expensive. See which one better fits your budget and be sure to add it to your daily vitamin and supplement regimen. And don’t forget to drop me an email to let me know if worked for you or not? I would be really interested to hear.  Read more

Electric Razors

07/11/2016 Main
Electric Razors
Hey everybody! Welcome back to my personal care blog. A bit of a longer post today about a product that features in many men’s arsenal of skin care products, the electric razor. I have personally always used a traditional wet shave razor as I like as close a shave as possible. But in terms of affordability I can see how an electric razor would work out to be the cheaper option in the long term. I was chatting to a friend recently who swears by his electric razor and we got to discussing the benefits over a traditional wet shave. So in this post I am going to summarise the conclusions we came to for your consideration. If you want to check out the latest models of mens cheap affordable electric razors you could do worse than to take a look at
The Benefits of an Electric Razor
The obvious benefit of the electric razor, as already been mentioned in the introduction, is longevity. Once you have paid what is normally a modest price for an electric razor it will only in rare occasions, need a change of razor or any kind of maintenance. With the correct care they can last a lifetime, negating the need for regular restocks of expensive traditional razor heads. Another benefit is that no shaving cream is required for an electric shave, cutting down on further costs, the time taken to shave and increasing general convenience. A major drawback of a traditional wet shave is the tendency to cut and nick the face when in a rush. This just does not happen with an electric razor, adding a definite safety benefit. Probably the greatest benefit of electric razors over a wet shave is there kindness to sensitive skin. A traditional razor, whilst providing an extremely close shave, can irritate sensitive skin and produce an extremely sore shaving rash whilst electric razors are much kinder and less abrasive. And an often overlooked benefit is that electric razors are extremely portable and don’t necessarily require a mirror to use effectively. Perfect for the well-travelled.
Enhancing Your Shave
Although not entirely necessary, the electric shave experience can be enhanced with some very simple and non-time consuming preparation. I can fully recommend the following steps:
Pre-shave Preparation
  • Use a good quality facial scrub or wash on your face prior to your shave. This will both clean the face and open up the facial pores, allowing for a smoother shave. Read more

Gym & Health

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Gym & Health Read more

Natural soap

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Natural soap Read more


Blog Introduction

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Hello guys, Read more