Electric Razors

Electric Razors

Hey everybody! Welcome back to my personal care blog. A bit of a longer post today about a product that features in many men’s arsenal of skin care products, the electric razor. I have personally always used a traditional wet shave razor as I like as close a shave as possible. But in terms of affordability I can see how an electric razor would work out to be the cheaper option in the long term. I was chatting to a friend recently who swears by his electric razor and we got to discussing the benefits over a traditional wet shave. So in this post I am going to summarise the conclusions we came to for your consideration. If you want to check out the latest models of mens cheap affordable electric razors you could do worse than to take a look at easyprices.com.

The Benefits of an Electric Razor

The obvious benefit of the electric razor, as already been mentioned in the introduction, is longevity. Once you have paid what is normally a modest price for an electric razor it will only in rare occasions, need a change of razor or any kind of maintenance. With the correct care they can last a lifetime, negating the need for regular restocks of expensive traditional razor heads. Another benefit is that no shaving cream is required for an electric shave, cutting down on further costs, the time taken to shave and increasing general convenience. A major drawback of a traditional wet shave is the tendency to cut and nick the face when in a rush. This just does not happen with an electric razor, adding a definite safety benefit. Probably the greatest benefit of electric razors over a wet shave is there kindness to sensitive skin. A traditional razor, whilst providing an extremely close shave, can irritate sensitive skin and produce an extremely sore shaving rash whilst electric razors are much kinder and less abrasive. And an often overlooked benefit is that electric razors are extremely portable and don’t necessarily require a mirror to use effectively. Perfect for the well-travelled.
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Enhancing Your Shave

Although not entirely necessary, the electric shave experience can be enhanced with some very simple and non-time consuming preparation. I can fully recommend the following steps:

Pre-shave Preparation

  • Use a good quality facial scrub or wash on your face prior to your shave. This will both clean the face and open up the facial pores, allowing for a smoother shave.

  • An application of shaving oil will allow the razor to glide over the skin more smoothly and help avoid any potential painful pulling.


Post-shave Steps 

  • Applying a good quality skin product is always advisable to replace the nutrients and minerals that are stripped away during the shaving process.

  • A facial moisturiser or aftershave cream will replace the moisture that can also be stripped away whilst shaving. This will avoid potential irritation caused by overly dry skin.

  • Finally, use a razor brush to clean your electric razor to maintain the functionality of the head. 

Read more tips here: http://www.menshealth.co.uk/style/grooming/rules-of-electric-shaving 

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I am definitely going to go out and buy myself and electric razor and give it a try. Although I hold a place in my heart for the traditional wet shave, I think it is time to try something new. I am sure that the benefits that I have outlined above will improve the efficiency of my day to day life, even if it just gives me an extra 5 minutes in the morning prior to work. No more shaving foam around the sink, no more expensive razor heads, no more walking around with painful nicks on my chin. It really does sound like the way forward. Occasionally I do like to grow a beard, so I think an electric beard trimmer would also be useful for those occasions. I don’t tend to grow it too long and I like to keep it neat and tidy so a beard trimmer would allow me to style it just how I like it.

Anyway folks, that is all from me for this blog post. I am away now for a few weeks but I will try to update the blog with some shorter posts while I am on the road. In the meantime, if you would like to ask me any questions, share your thoughts with me about any of my blog posts (or anything for that matter) or suggest a post topic that you would be interested to read, please drop me a line via the contact page. I love to hear from my readers and get feedback on what you like, don’t like or want to read more of, so please keep the emails coming in. Bye for now folks.